Q: How much does Silestone cost?

A: Silestone will range from $65-$85 per square foot installed depending on color, edge, and kitchen/bathroom layout.

Q: How does Silestone compare to Granite?

A: Granite is a natural product and needs to be sealed or treated to keep from staining. Silestone is a man made quartz product and is maintenance free! Silestone will NOT stain or burn and has the same high resistance to scratching as granite. Silestone has a 25-yr warranty against any manufacturing defects. Granite, on the other hand, cannot be warrantied since it is a natural product.

Q: What is the difference between Silestone and Cambria?

A: Cambria is also a quartz product and has the same durability as Silestone. Silestone was the first Quartz product on the market in 1990. In 2000 Cambria purchased Silestone’s equipment and technology and start producing their own quartz product in 2001.

Q: Why should we buy Silestone from you and not a big box store?

A: It’s simple. We have more experience installing Silestone than any other company in the Midwest. With us you are not just a number, you are a valued customer and it is important to us that you have the best experience and the best quality installation.  We do not use subcontractors to do our work.   We measure and install all of our jobs to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your countertops.

Q: What is the process to get new countertops?

A: Step 1: Send us a drawing of your kitchen so we can get you a free estimate. Step 2: Set up a time for us to bring samples to your house and do a final measure. Step 3: Once you have finalized a color, edge, and sink we can get the order started. Step 4: Schedule an install date to get your new countertops installed by us!