Anchor Countertops, LLC (the Silestone guys) is a father/son business specializing in custom countertops. We have been in the countertop business for over 42 yrs.  In the early 70's, Doug began working as an apprentice under his father installing laminate countertops. He quickly developed a reputation for his quality craftsmanship which has continued for decades.

In the mid 90’s when Silestone was new to the midwest, Doug decided to take some classes and learn about this product. He was so impressed with Silestone that he decided to give up the laminate countertop business and work with Silestone exclusively.  He found that no product on the market had a higher customer satisfaction rating than Silestone. In 2003, Doug and his son Mitch, began working together and soon found that Mitch shared the same skills and desire for quality, as his father and grandfather. The same craftsmanship that started over 50 yrs ago lives on today and truly defines who we are as a company.

Over the years since Doug gave up the laminate countertop business, many of his contractors begged him to get back into laminate. Mitch saw that the market needed quality custom countertops of all types. He decided that Anchor Countertops, LLC needed to install more than just Silestone.

Anchor Countertops, LLC now installs Silestone, ECO (recycled product made by Silestone), and custom Laminate Countertops.